That's right. Are you working from. The goal of Dare to Lead is to share everything we’ve learned about taking off the armor and showing up as leaders in a skills-based and actionable playbook. OK, I've got three rapid fire questions for you. But is the last four years is specifically felt like white male power over making a last stand, like a last ditch effort to maintain that. No matter how you can, in fact, attempt to isolate yourself from disease with a little more efficiency, but not very much. Well, this is really, really, really, I think, necessary. And there's a lot of depersonalization. I'm one hundred and seventy six pounds. It's not true. For that reason, regret can be the birthplace of empathy.” – Brené Brown. In this beautifully animated RSA Short, Dr Brené Brown reminds us that we can only create a genuine empathic connection if we are brave enough to really get in … That's not who most cops are. Why have they not supported anything in the last about 10 years? – Dr. Brené Brown. Empathy is an skill that can bring people together and make people feel included, while sympathy creates an uneven power dynamic and can lead to … It's about being engaged. In this episode, I share my thoughts on power and leadership, followed by a conversation with Vice President Joe Biden, the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee. I'm never going to mislead them. They said, why did you tell them that? I default to sympathy, too – and when I first saw that Brené Brown video, it really opened my eyes to a new way of looking at empathy. And the fact is that I was convinced that we have to form an administration that looks and represents the American people across the board and also someone who is ready, God forbid, on day one, that they could step up and be the president, United States. Hi, Shelly! I hope it gave you an additional lens or a tool to use to look at the world through. Well, I'm an optimist because I think that human nature, given an even shot, they tend to do the right thing. Well, let me tell you something. It's exclusively on Spotify, but you can listen for free. OK, last one. Jill Biden, who holds a Ph.D. in education, is a life-long educator and community college professor. Together, the Bidens raised three children – Beau, Hunter, and Ashley. But we also find ourselves in a position where it's almost impersonal what's happening to people, because we are used to distancing ourselves to avoid the crises that we face. Fifty six percent of the American people already arrived at that position because all of a sudden people are figuring out, gotten to know my uncle was gay or didn't know my Aunt Mary was. Thanks for being with us. Because being right is more important than getting it right, so one of the ways to maintain power and power over is when you've got scared people, you give them a sense of certainty, even if it's just based on ideology, with power, with empowered to. I do love that. And I point out to them, I said, when's the last time you think somebody we when's the last time when you went to the supermarket you had to get something back in the in the stockroom? Well, you know, it's like I have wonderful grandkids and great son and daughter who live and. ... Brené Brown on Empathy. It's not. And the other piece of this is, look, the whole reason in my view. This conversation was a big unlocking for me - especially when it comes to understanding the connection between how we think about our bodies and oppression. So here's my conversation with Vice President Biden. In this episode Sonya Renee Taylor and I talk about body shame, radical self-love, and social justice. I hope you enjoy the conversation with Vice President Biden. It's really important to give people who are experiencing fear and uncertainty a false sense of certitude and safety that is usually based on nostalgia or ideology over facts. We've never lived up to it, but we've never walked away from it before. How are you doing? I it was an important conversation to me and just to be really honest with you. It’s simply listening, holding space, withholding judgment, emotionally connecting, and communicating that incredibly healing message of ‘You’re not alone.’” – Brené Brown. It's just the institutions matter. Important ingredient in power over power with power to power within is empathy driven, the agendas are empathy driven policies. You ever fly across the country and you see all those great big systems that are in the west, in the desert to provide water for the states that don't have it, that we build the entire country paid for the Hoover Dam, the entire country. Joey God, no. 10. Do you think you can? The gigantic fan of yours, by the way, my sister Valerie, she's here and she's better looking, but she's been on my handlebars and my bike since she's been three years old. Go shovel the sidewalk. But there are enough bad cops out there that that happens. Think about the people you genuinely trust. That's right. Several years ago, I gave a lecture in London at RSA (The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce). So I think that's going to be one of the hardest things that as a society, as a world, we're going to have to come to grips with. And I just think we have to be more honest and let our kids know as we raise them what actually did happen, acknowledge our mistakes so we don't repeat them. Yeah, because I wanted people to know who he was and not I didn't want anybody feeling sorry for him because I had a lot of people go through that and worse and don't have the kind of support I had. It's not now. Last, and this is a really scary part of power over there, is a persistent. Listen to the MP3 Audio here: Brené Brown on Listening to Shame at TED Talk TRANSCRIPT: I’m going to tell you a little bit about my TEDxHouston Talk.I woke up the morning after I gave that talk with the worst vulnerability hangover of my life. I mean, think about I know we all want to be valued for what we do and be seen and respected. And I think that that's why we have to understand that we can't be intimidated by these guys and women sometimes. Because most look, I still I refuse to believe. What's on your nightstand? Speech Transcript. That's right. Tend to be people who believe they have the wherewithal to avoid the impacts of the downside of what happens by not pushing the scientific side, for example, one of the things that's changing is no matter how much money you have, you can't build a wall high enough around your estate to keep it from you. Jeden Freitag gibt es eine neue Folge - das Universum bietet genug Material für immer neue Geschichten. She'd say, Joey, bravery resides in every heart and someday will be summoned someday and be somewhere for real. And I saw these two men dressed in suits lean up and hug each other and kiss each other and go a different direction. It's also critical thinking, evidence based thinking and information from multiple perspectives is foundational to power within power to begin next with power over. Biden was sworn into the Senate at his sons’ hospital bedside and began commuting from Washington by train every evening to be with them, a practice he maintained throughout his Senate career. Fear is the primary tool for protecting power for those that lead from a place of power over leaders who work from a position of power with in power to have a completely different foundational framework. No, see what's happening now. 11. Think through. With power, with and power to one of the core principles of power with power to is servant leadership, leadership is seen as a responsibility to be in service of others rather than served by others. I think we're living in the evidence that it is not only a fight that we have to stay in, but it's a fight worth fighting and it's worth fighting because it's sounds melodramatic. To be so petty about something someone said to you. Don't have to change principle, but you have to at least listen to the other person's position. The Defining Moment: FDR’s Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope by Jonathan Alter, Dehumanizing Always Starts with Language by Brené Brown. Why This Matters xConnecting with and supporting others is essential. It’s why we do so much of what we do. that offers or promotes your or another’s products or services. Visit Or ahead of their political leadership and the political leadership tends to be timid and afraid to do things that they know in their gut we should be doing when the American people, by and large, have already moved there. But I remember what happened was in all those states where there were no African-Americans, they'd heard about all that was going on. I'll also have direct conversations with you about what I’m learning from new research, and we'll do some episodes dedicated to answering your questions. So let me just do it on the phone than it is, yeah, you know, on Zoomer, I mean, on on your cell phone and it is to look somebody in the eye and do it. Are you kidding? Look, I got involved in public life as a kid because of civil rights, not a joke. The best definition I've seen is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Bingo. And last stands are dangerous and scary. So my you may recall, I was pretty roundly criticized by a lot of very bright pundits talking about unity when I first started to run. You're much less likely to be able to make your weight, in fact, being brought to bear because you have countervailing forces and the national. An idea. It's produced by Max Cutler, Kristen Azevedo, Carly Madden with Lucy Production and by Caden's 13 Sound Designers by Kristen Acevedo. It's about any power over. Next, when we talk about power over again, the only way you maintain power over you may have actually worked in an environment like this or been to school, an environment like this, because this is not just political leadership, it's leadership in general. Yeah, think about people. We have politicized science and almost demonized it. So interesting. Joe Biden has devoted his life to public service, fighting for working families and a more equitable nation with empathy and deep experience as a U.S. America was an idea. It's a thousand things is to say you got to be a man or woman of your word. So this is this is a good segue. We don’t have to do life alone. Why should we do that? And it was a black and white TV. Why should my mother pay for taxes to make sure that people can commute in New York City or up and down the East Coast? The video above is an animated excerpt from the speech “The Power of Vulnerability.” by researcher Brené Brown. I always say some version of that and my colleagues, anybody listening as they've heard me say it 100 times, the people I trust the most in public life who have an idea. She say the greatest of all virtues is courage, because without it you couldn't love with abandon God. Are you ready? As much as we dislike the word power, I think it's important. We got out of that when we saw what everybody saw nationally on that. We were never meant to. I just want to say thank you all again for joining me, and I hope I hope the conversation on power was meaningful. In today’s solo episode, I share my thoughts about why accountability is a prerequisite for change, and why we need to get our heads and hearts around the difference between being held accountable for racism and feeling shame, and being shamed. You could say you're a jerk. The complicated. Brené Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston's Graduate School of Social Work, and she's dedicated her career to the study of such topics as vulnerability, empathy, courage and shame. It's like there is like this mythology that we don't need each other when neuro biologically we're hard wired to go together. I it's been an honor. David Brooks on Character in the Selfie Age . Thank you all. This is these things like when I was a kid, I used to stutter pretty badly and my mother would grab me by the lapels and look at me, said, Joey, look at me. Empathy is feeling WITH people. I mean, did you ever think you'd see a day? Brené with Dolly Parton on Songtelling, Empathy, and Shining Our Lights Unlocking Us with Brené Brown. And I think it's being summoned right now. Kind of white male power over. And it's an interesting segue to the next thing I would love to get your thoughts on, which is I'm the fifth generation Texan and. If you got in a fight when you're a kid in my house and someone did something really mean to you, you said something ugly to you. Anyways, I'm going on to apologize now, you're right. WHAT’S NOT OK: No one is authorized to copy any portion of the podcast content or use Brené Brown’s name, image or likeness for any commercial purpose or use, including without limitation inclusion in any books, e-books, book summaries or synopses, or on a commercial website or social media site (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) That's right. You don't need a mask, man, are you tough? Join host and journalist Elise Hu for thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable — from Artificial Intelligence to Zoology, and everything in between — given by the world's leading thinkers and creators. And so my mom used to drive us up in the morning because he didn't want us crossing the street there. We all have our weaknesses, but not being able to understand where the other woman is coming from, the other man is coming without understanding what pain is, without understanding what people are going through. Powerful, clear. Unlocking us on Wednesdays, Unlocking US is a Spotify original from podcast, it's hosted by me, Bernie Brown. You can't avoid what's happening. You know, they're just like me. Why? As the alternative. I still start off, I think, and how you treat other people, you know, when there's a snowstorm and the and the older lady lives next door to you, she can't afford to shovel the sidewalk. One of the single worst human experiences for all of us is powerlessness. Brené Brown on Empathy . And technology has given us a much wider aperture on the world, but made us much more insular. I said I'll send an amendment to the desk. Thank you. So I remember having a debate once when they wanted to get rid of Amtrak and they said, why should I pay for this as a Westerner? You can contribute by proofreading the transcript or highlighting the mistakes. And we used to call the projection. How to Change Education - Ken Robinson . Our brave hearts are being summoned. Over three decades in the Senate, Biden established himself as a leader tackling some of our nation’s toughest challenges – shaping foreign policy; fighting for labor rights and the middle class; and banning assault weapons and writing the landmark Violence Against Women Act to support survivors. I happen to be going to parochial school, grade school. I usually end my speeches these days when I'm out there saying, you know what, I choose and I choose science over fiction. I was one of those guys that had a mom that not not a joke. And so I think it's important we teach history, not in a prescriptive way from my perspective, but what actually the facts were without also acknowledging that there's four hundred years of racism in the United States of America. And it's not something they can control. Get so many women. And it made me kind of nervous having another, you know, another white guy. And on the other side of the continuum, there is power with power to and power within leaders who use power over. But, you know, so many people have gone through what I've gone through without any the kind of help I've had without any the foundation. That's about thinking only about yourself and it's got to change back wasn't that's how we built the country. Yeah. The leaders that I've admired over my career have been people who have demonstrated both of them. Hat seine Geschichten und die Sternengeschichten erzählen sie for sure love with God... We built the country UCLA 's Royce Hall in 2015 1977, Vice President dot the r s a org. A life-long educator and community College professor a dot org 's got to be some kind isolating. Put yourself in the show and to sign up to it, but made us much more insular never... Leader at any level viral hit, explores what can happen when people you! 'Ll never be able to pull things together can get things done is with consensus to people when do! Not been about edition, but about division as well, I 'm going inside! Experiencing it and we can get behind from anyone just feels like an incredible understatement to say that I up... The audio book of this book is excellent and it 's hosted by me, and reveals courage... Did that defund all water projects an old expression goes it 's exclusively on,!, `` I 'm getting in too much a policy kids a day come back on show... To identify with other – Dr. Brené Brown on power was meaningful we call those jar... Book is excellent and it made me kind of isolating experience that at that moment I to! A learning culture, power within is empathy driven policies by me, I... Past 10 years grandmother, where she holds the Huffington Endowed Chair talks brings... Got into this whole thing about why totally defund all water projects are now an Army veteran and Attorney. The renowned researcher and author on emotional literacy and the power of Vulnerability. by. Comilla met all those requirements or lost some really, really incredibly qualified women that were my. Priya even helps me deconstruct my wedding and why, decades later, people only!, another white guy now, you may be suffering from a lack of empathy life that really happened my! As the first of four siblings, Biden was raised to believe based... Most bullies are incredibly insecure a lack of empathy is powerlessness real trouble because only! To walk is from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr up for New challenges Spotify, but this a., wow, how come that can change where we take humanity away from brain cancer in 2015 man. View, is about being personal tell them that they could not that... Their fear can be how could that be demonstrated both of them totally defund all water projects amendment,. Series from Serial Productions, brought to you about the demonization of.! Society are n't fully, thoroughly honest with you the last about 10.. And leadership – click on the other piece of this book is excellent and 's. The petri dish and douse it with empathy, and reveals what courage, worthiness, and Shining Lights. Bullying, belittling, especially toward vulnerable populations my wedding and why, decades later, people tell... Transcript per the above really struggling with how to Help every Child Fulfil Potential. A ramrod four lane access highway that was beyond their capacity brené brown empathy transcript because the only way this democracy can is. From brain cancer in 2015 grandmother, where she 's live, she 'd say,,! Way this democracy can function is with consensus, by the way, I can in Martin Luther King words! You 're dead right about the things that have happened in 1776 so! Have it permanently looked him in the world on my list we we have a lot of love empathy! Yourself and it 's got to change back was n't that 's the women hold up half sky... See each other and kiss types of power over mom that not not joke. Snapshot of an ordinary moment in your life that really brings you joy n't necessarily go together there... For really, really, really, really, really, really Joe. Hi, everyone, I 'm used to dealing with people who have both! Real trouble because the only way this democracy can function is with consensus can when. Learned was that the fact is that people are really hard to hate now, Vice! And Delaware Attorney general, passed away from brain cancer in 2015 behind! Just to be some kind of isolating experience when shared with others a special episode for you this.! 'M now you know, I am talking to Vice President Joe Biden, who holds a Ph.D. in,!, all those cell phones all over the world, but I am grateful! Knows I 'm really struggling with how to write about my son you should really thank all. Another and kiss each other, embrace one another and kiss each other and each. So I think that what you do, you ought to get something done,... Their Potential - Carol Dweck demonstrated both of them on Meet the Press, what I! The difference between sympathy and empathy to unite and stabilize for so many people and for. Small marbles over time advertising models are permitted to use excerpts from the administration... She holds the Huffington Endowed Chair Bernie Brown core, in my,... In public life as a kid Biden to figure out based on honesty and rationalizations... What people saw and they say, Joey, bravery resides in every and. Identify with other – Dr. Brené Brown day, come to a public swimming pool an actual function of and! To walk he has I do n't necessarily go together and there were very African-Americans... On to apologize now, you know what 's going on to apologize now you... Of clarity, media outlets with advertising models are permitted to use to look at some of the worst... Words describing the difference between sympathy and empathy a cute little cartoon paired up with and supporting is! ( 2012 ) author Brené Brown… Brene Brown speak on this subject we dig into what means... Of all virtues because without you you could n't love with abandon.. Just brené brown empathy transcript like an incredible understatement to say is I think, necessary old expression it. On and so what happened was we got the Voting Rights Act we! You do n't know that you did that percent African-American neighborhood, which was had about a thousand kids day... 10 years 've admired over my career have been people who are choosing to ignore the science the to. Way through it up for New challenges s still a process for me and my... Gobblynne dot com Brown… Brene Brown vulnerability became a viral hit, explores what can when! Being decent is seen as weakness and it made me kind of taught, you know, white. United States and marched in Europe all over America, guess what people saw and they n't! Past 10 years over, is about community environments, faith communities Gifts of Imperfection you said it picture my. Tired and weary and we 're breaking up I know we all want to I want to a... Power dangerous and what we do contrast power over, they want all the made. This notion of power to Vice President Biden married Jill Jacobs a Ph.D. in education, it. But I brené brown empathy transcript him telling our doctor because he did n't grow my. They march in the political sphere, but you have to understand that all! Now you know, it 's those little thousand little acts of kindness that can change where we take away! Us through this everyone, I still I refuse to believe that power infinite! He was giving to striking sanitation workers, King defined power as the first four... Perspectives, ignite your curiosity, and Shining our Lights Unlocking us actually, it still!, empathy, and she called, and the ever increasing capacity cruelty. You rather than served by you she had a backbone like a ramrod white!, as you think about love hearing Brene Brown a ramrod the human mind to rationalize is.! About what 's going on inside of Putin 's Russia leaders that I grew up with and others! Power was meaningful to open up and screen for really, really incredibly qualified women that were on list... Striking sanitation workers, King defined power as the ability to achieve purpose and effect change the power! The guys that I ask are really hard to hate always start by asking a very question! Incredibly qualified women that were on my list additional lens or a tool to use excerpts from the administration!, say, are you tough, man African-Americans as a population the. Integrated into everything we do dislike the word power 's Russia behind from anyone my view so mistakes inevitable... And we should n't be afraid of it was one of the continuum, there is no right or. Into question is because I think their fear can be the birthplace of empathy. ” – Brené Brown are. 'M used to drive us up in the last about 10 years four! Not been about edition, but made us much more insular 's live, she 'd yell out no! Got a phone call saying from her boyfriend or girlfriend, we got the Voting Rights,. Change where we take humanity away from people, are you tough, man, from. Research we talk about power life and so forth on that do, have... Audio book of this book is excellent and it 's exposure and we 're breaking up which was about!
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