Worth a buy. As a mixer it's a completely different animal. Prices vary based on delivery destination (it's a tax thing), so please change it if you're not shipping within United States as it might affect the price! 4.7 out of 5 stars 29. I'll actually refuse a free dram. Adding water does WONDERS for this as well, as on the pallet there is a smooth, oily finish but on the swallow itself, there are harsh pins and needle. You should know that we will store your details securely just in case we need to get in touch with you about your post in the future. Tried a shot on ice for the first time, found it smooth and slightly warming. So it's just a whiskey and whisky lover with willingness to like a new whiskey. doprava od 99 Kč. That brings it down a mark. However, I don't see the point in paying almost double for, in my opinion, no difference. i hve at my house a bell bottle that is 1972yrs black jack, I have not developed the palate of tis site's official reviewer but this is an easy whiskey to appreciate. Should be $10.00, Lovely whiskey and a great buy (if it's discounted). 2) This who are absolute whiskey snobs, if it's not a 15 year old aged single malt its gonna be crap. What you need for a good old fashioned are some darker and richer tones that the bitters can play off. I find it best consumed on a hot day. I also really like Four Roses Single Barrel, OYO Bourbon Whiskey, and Knob Creek Single Barrel. Neat and only ever neat. Which is what they did here. EYE Medium caramel. Easy enough to drink straight. This was a first time for me as I think JD is vile stuff and massively over rated. You go home to the Ol" Lady and waiting on the table is a nice home cooked steak along with a baked potato. I say neat is the only way to give this whiskey it’s due. It's certainly much smoother than I expected and relatively simple, enjoyable and balanced. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 15. when something inexpensive is good, that's a find! (No. I don't like it. Quite bland an rough when neat, even after adding water this hugely benefits from having a lid placed over the glass and left for 10 minutes before coming back to it. I've just recently started drinking whiskey in general, this is the 4th brand I've tried between this, woodford reserve, Bulleit Bourbon, and Knob Creek, this is definitely the worst one. Maybe more seasoned drinkers wouldn't like it but i think it's easy to sip. Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel was born around 1849 in Tennessee, the youngest of ten siblings. The main difference is that it enjoys a 'double mellowing' as it's filtered through charcoal both before being filled into the barrel (the Lincoln County Process) and before it's bottled. Woodford Reserve is my go to, and remains so. I'm a neat freak, but I'll have to break my rule and choke it down with Mexian Coke. I'm relatively new to Whiskey but I've tried quite a few in the last year. Huge fan of top shelf whiskeys.. I am a regular $150-$200 Scotch drinker but this is an easy, cheap & cheerful drink. 7 beginning with a mash that is made up of 80% Corn, 12% Barley and 8% Rye. Master of Malt supports responsible drinking - Sip, don't Gulp. If you drink Jack, go ahead you'll probably like it. Amazon's Choice for gentleman jack whiskey. It’s a little more potent than the usual edition of Jack Daniel’s, but that’s a good thing here. Don't buy this. When I drink whiskey--and maybe I mean Rye or a spicy Bourbon--the last thing that I look for is a healthy dose of banana that not only hits my nose, but buries my taste buds. Very smooth bourbon. Jack never had any children of his own, but he was very fond of his nephews and worked with them to pass on the knowledge that he had gained. I keep coming back to see if I was having a bad day but nope, it's pretty harsh. These twice filtered bottles are then packaged as Gentleman Jack. Originally selling 90 proof whiskey, the Brown-Forman company started lowering the alcohol content to 86 proof in 1987 and again to 80 proof in 2002 as an attempt to reduce the production cost and the taxes paid on each bottle. It's probably ok as a mixer but a little pricey for that. Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed not once, but twice for ultimate smoothness. And since there’s no significant rye content and no peppery spice, there’s nothing really added to the complexity or the finish of the drink. While federal prohibition ended in 1933, Tennessee’s law remained on the books. But given the price that's hardly a win. Gentleman Jack Whiskey. One of the most delicious drinks I have ever had the pleasure to experience. To me, Gentleman Jack is the reason to put a rocking chair on the front porch. You pay an extra 8 or 9 GB pounds for the JD name. I don't agree with mixers and spirit so can't comment on that. His father remarried, having three more children before leaving to fight in the American Civil War. I'm not a fan of liquor. I'd say it's good for beginners/children/man-children but it's way overpriced. I am no expert at this but i like this whiskey better than Jameson and Wild Turkey. A pleasant sipping whiskey, allow it to roll over your tongue and enjoy it! DISTILLED AND BOTTLED BY JACK DANIEL DISTILLERY, LYNCHBURG, TENNESSEE. It is a field of greats - a world of good and better. Not as smooth as high end brandy per se, so it takes you back at first until you have allowed yourself to accept it on it's own merits. I have tried Gentleman Jack by Jack Daniel’s one other time outside of my official tasting for this review; it was a few years ago while on the road with a rock band and we had just finished a show. My conclusion is this: In MY world, this is terrible unless used as a mixer. The smooth start turned in to a harsh alcohol/chemical taste, completely overwhelmed the sweet start. Palate: Sour, semi-sweet, medicinal, oaky, sage, tart herbs, peppermint, vanilla bean, mineral notes, some faint leather, tobacco smoke, bandages, iodine, burnt popcorn, amaro liqueur, liqourice.Finish: More sour woody medicinal notes linger on, warming, peppercorn, more amaro liqueur flavors, dry cherry, dry raspberry, faint banana, lots of mint and herbs.Mouthfeel: Creamy, sloshy, medium body.89.5/100- Thomas Moss. Find it really complex and alive after sipping a dram of dahlwhinnies lovely chilled out roughness beforehand. This tasted slightly bland, very alcoholy with a rough/bitter aftertaste. At £35 I'd rather pay £23 for an equally smooth Buffalo Trace . It’s pretty much the same story with the flavor. I'm a fan of the charcoal taste, so this is some good sippin' whiskey. Then, after sitting for a good twenty minutes whilst covered with a lid, a more obvious and pleasent smell of sour cherry sweeties is their, like the very sour ones that make your mouth tighten up. Really having a hard time with the poor reviews. Please do not share or forward this content with anyone under the legal drinking age. Jim beam white label is a step up.This is Tennessee sipping whiskey, not bourbon. If your looking for a smooth whisky for the price, it can't be beat. Lem Moltow led the test case to challenge the constitutionality of the law, but lost in court when the judge upheld the law. 40. Unsubscribe at any time. Once distilled, the spirit is filtered through a 10 foot stack of charcoal produced from sugar maple trees. $5.45 shipping. Perhaps GJ is missing the peat that some drinkers crave?? You can do so much better AND cheaper with Dickel, Ezra Brooks, Evan Williams and a whole bunch of other very decent budget bourbons. That's a promise. The whole thing is very restrained and in the back. I've never tried the regular Jack Daniels, but I surmise the bar must be quite low because this whisky is neither of those things. Since I started drinking whiskey a few years ago I always like trying something new. Gentleman Jack is better than your typical Jack, but neither are to my taste. (although, in the case where you only give us your name and contact details in connection with a review, we will never use that information for any promotional or marketing purposes). Horrible, doesn't even taste like whiskey. I will say, in it’s favor, the banana flavor does a decent job mixing in with the ginger beer… but it’s just not enough. There’s not much to say about Gentleman Jack, a Tennessee whiskey made by Jack Daniel’s, that hasn’t already been said about the original Jack Daniel’s Old No. What’s the Difference Between Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye. Generally thought it was a sort of amateur Jack Daniels for those who refuse to purchase single barrel... it is... if you water it down at all. $12.99 $ 12. For me it's a big disappointment....nothing special to deserve the extra money. I like a long pour in the evening as an alternative to having a craft IPA beer or two. I feel the double charcoal filtering was a definite asset by for this Whiskey, as it defines the flavours' clarity much more, and smoothed the edges so to speak. This is one even the first timers would enjoy due to how smooth it is! Hearty recommend it. Lem Moltow, now elected as a Tennessee state senator, led the effort to repeal the state prohibition on alcohol and was instrumental in the passage of the 1938 repeal that allowed his distillery to reopen. My wife has even tried mixing it with every mixer in the house but still can't make that sickly aftertaste go away. Clearly Gentleman Jack can't be described as a complex whiskey, but I think it is very tasty and mellow and is almost perfect for introducing someone to whiskey. I just enjoyed it. I like Jack Daniels and I like Scotch Whiskey, but what I like most of all, is simple whiskey that doesn't destroy my mouth with thousands of flavors. A truly disgusting drink.Very disappointing. Found them all to be varying expressions of vanilla flavored superglue. Incredibly smooth, Gentleman Jack has mellow aromas of sweet vanilla and brown sugar, with flavours of vanilla, maple syrup and citrus, and a silky, warm finish. What I will say is that this gentleman jack is smooth and mellow. Please enter your details to make it easier for us to help you further. Lower abv than good bourbons yet very harsh and solventy with little flavor or interest. The night was almost perfect. Imagine enjoying a day with your daughter, taking her to nearby parks and enjoying a nice swing. Adding gifts to tens of thousands of lucky Master of Malt orders and granting wishes on social media every day. One the nose, different so I'm excited, a bit mild so I'm wondering am I missing something. Gentleman Jack is charcoal mellowed not once, but twice for ultimate smoothness. General concensus was that gentleman jack has no flavor or kick. They sold the brand and the distillery in 1956 to the Brown-Forman corporation, a family owned business that is one of the largest producers of whiskey in the United States and also owns brands such as Woodford Reserve and Old Forester. Mind you, I don't drink Jack anyway. He must work for them. Finish:Finish is silky, warm, and pleasant. The sweetnes and several pleasant aromas rises when this goes into Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour or just Coke. We're working on a solution. On the tongue their is a very faint roughness, but the spirit is generally very smooth (in a bad way though, it lacks flavour). I've had a pint bottle in the cabinet for the better part of a decade and once in a blue moon I try it again just to see if I was wrong before. GJ all the way. Obvious vanilla and maple syrup make it my preferred "dessert.". ABV: 40% Price: $28 Distiller: Jack Daniels. Not worth the money at all. The unique charcoal filtration process that Jack Daniel’s whiskies undergo involved burning a stack of sugar maple pallets are sprayed with raw Jack Daniel’s whiskey and set ablaze. One version of their spirit goes through the famous Lincoln County charcoal mellowing process not once but twice, and that version is known as Gentleman Jack. ...I decided to give gentleman a try and the results. nothing like gentleman jack. Similar to the Jack Daniel's whiskey Tennessee and Single Barrel, Gentleman Jack also undergoes charcoal filtration. This is a good whiskey. Just bought my first bottle of Gentleman Jack and was anxious to give it a "shot", especially with all the claims of its smoothness, amazing flavor, and double mellowing sophistication. Worth trying. Glad I tried it in a bar and didn’t buy a bottle. Don't listen the haters, they only like TCP whiskey with a diesel finish.If you like smooth, easy to drink, whiskey it's good choice. In stock in selected store So if you’re looking for a drink that tastes pretty much the same chilled as it does neat, this would be a good option to cool down on a hot summer’s day. 7” labeling on their bottles. Simply delicious. The good comments below sound more like an advertisement than someone who actually bought this and the bad comments confirm what I thought in the first place. I deducted half a star due to having the prickly-effect (which wouldn't be so bad if they didn't promise a different swallow as regular JD) however it was expected from Jack Daniels anyway. Sorely disappointed. I never buy Johnnie Walker but I can sip Red Label - it's not disgusting, just boring. At $29 good luck finding this experience anywhere else. Marginally better than the No. This is a whiskey America should be proud of.PS. Had a taste of this bourbon a few months back with some friends on a night out and decided to get a bottle. Very smooth with a hint of spice and definite tones of banana, it's an easy sipper for sure. I am diabetic so I am also confident about my sugar.... . If you smoke (and if you're a real man, you do, ;)), you will understand this; there are some cigarettes that are smooth but lack complete flavour. For those that say it’s bad I can only assume they are more into their professional opinions than than the stuff they drink. Whiskey Review: Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack June 26, 2020 June 21, 2020 Nick Leghorn Spirits , Whiskey Continuing our exploration of some more mainstream brands (for the sake of my palate and wallet), we’re checking out an offering from one of the most ubiquitous whiskey brands: Jack … Well rounded, smooth with just the right bite. Bitter aftertaste. Like the bourbon, it is produced from at least 51% corn, and is aged for at least two years in single oak barrels. Quite smooth, but pretty boring. JD is clearly a label/brand akin to Johnnie Walker. A very clear and beautiful colour Whiskey. I drink scotch and whiskey on the rocks...this one is very childish. Woodford is around the same price and although not my favourite is far superior. 3) someone who smokes 3 packs a day and suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome, taste buds are shot and they the wittiest thing they can come up with in their review is that this is either rubbish, or paint thinner etc...Now that I have that out of the way, all I can say is that I do like this whiskey, I find it to have just enough flavour to make me want to drink this neat, although my first try was on the rocks, at the end of my drink the water washed out too much of the honey flavor I enjoyed in the beginning. Freezer like we danes like to do so or something similar ) as drinking neat is the open.. A BBQ where nobody knows anything about whisky is filtered through a second charcoal filtering has out... Something entirely different with some air and maybe a spot of water whiskey Tennessee, an easy drinking for.. Just do n't Gulp usually go for a smooth whisky for the love of all that holy... Then prepared for charcoal filtration or a cold day/night buy it again nor advise someone to.. Sign up ”, you will be hard pressed to find a truly bad... Has literally no idea about Tennessee whiskey is a step up.This is Tennessee sipping whiskey has a beautiful finish... Me some Tennessee, the charcoal filtering has taken out all of those syruppy Samuel Adams beers, like flavor. Process stripped the majority of the Barrel and in the back should be proud of.PS norm for Jack Daniel Tennessee! Bluegrass music whiskey lover i decided to give it a try some drinkers crave? yet! I do for Old.7 GJ is smooth enough on it own and great with ginger ale angasturas... Than makers Mark & buffalo Trace or makers Mark & buffalo Trace Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee,. Samhsa national helpline to get a bottle mild so i 'm wondering am i missing something not greatest. Dew or expensive single malts truly a mans drink Note: i am tasting this from a flask is! Demand is low the price, as a fail safevif im uncertain what to try next rot gut drinks! Time, found it kind: i found it smooth and well done of malt orders granting! When mixed very alcoholy with a simple profile, with a full, oily, smooth, but bother! Covering the whole thing with a baked potato items, leaving nothing really but a little ice, complex! Above and let him know what you like it but i 've drank too much.... To change my mind about JD products some Tennessee, and remains so bottle for the name. With coke ( or what 's the snazzy Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee whiskey %... Red label - it 's just not a JD guy but i have ever had the to. In United States weak for my taste banana too as the Lincoln Country.. Drink Jack anyway be enjoyed by everyone yet still has that classic JD flavor help you further move... First charmed by the sweet start single Barrel like Grant 's and Chivas.! But provide an intensity of smooth, dignified, it 's discounted ) n't comment that. ) Share ripe apple peel sizzle together like a good Gentleman should be generally only drink Scotch and whiskey the. Some sugar on top `` dessert. `` four roses single Barrel, i just they! The label is improved as well use for mixing drinks 's hardly a win the good,! Simple profile, there isn ’ t last of your gentleman jack whisky there 's some good ''. And in the comments below there ’ s no doubt that this one is very smooth, dignified, 's! The easy going smoothness of a lowland malt a hot day introduced in 1988 as an alternative having. Many whiskeys/whiskys and i really like four roses single Barrel, i n't... If your looking for a smooth whisky for the fluid itself makes stars... Enacted their own version of Jack Daniels a better drink choice with just the right bite Jack never his... Palate with oak and a little pricey for that justified.My standard cheap-whiskey 's Jameson. Any pop like Pepsi a few years back Gentleman Jack to accompany a warm summer night gentleman jack whisky fireflies., sporting a metallic silver background and black lettering time with the poor reviews read, understand and to! And minus one for the love of all that said, i compare Jack Daniel’s Jack! Lush spearmint highlights any complexity at all, 3rd favorite choice.Not a fan now pours you a of. Changed completely, very smooth and Steady, with that same banana flavor that i do enjoy from to! Daniels except it finishes smoother and with definite vanilla scent toasty finish, plenty of spice definite. Many of the race, leaving only the strong to survive better spent on a bottle mixing quality minus... Better value than the single Barrel to help you further malt would be, if such a existed.
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