A timeline of insurrection", "Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 'We came close to half of the House nearly dying' during riots", "Death toll rises to 5 at Capitol riots in US capital", "Capitol secured after assault from Trump supporters", "Live updates: Twitter says users discussing second attack on U.S. Capitol on Jan. 17", "What we know about the 5 deaths in the pro-Trump mob that stormed the Capitol", "These Are The Four People Who Died Amid The Capitol Riot", "He organized a bus of Trump supporters from Pa. for 'the first day of the rest of our lives.' Go there ready for war. We could absolutely fucking destroy you! Five people died and more than 140 were injured.[28]. [157] Trump also said, "you'll never take back our country with weakness. [57][58], The assault on the Capitol was widely condemned by political leaders and organizations in the United States and internationally. [43] The rioters targeted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D–CA),[44][45] vandalizing and looting[46] her offices, as well as those of other members of Congress. Eastman. [4][166] Although many rioters simply walked to the doors of the Capitol, some resorted to ropes and makeshift ladders. Sue Ianni, a Super Happy Fun America director, told Metro West Daily News two days after the riot that around 300 members of … America was everything I. After the introduction of a curfew in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, riots broke out in several cities and towns throughout the Netherlands around the time (21:00) the curfew went into effect for multiple days in a row. The post said that the league was not aware of any credible threats of violence, but noted that "if the past is any indication, the combination of an extremist presence at the rallies and the heated nature of the rhetoric suggests that violence is a possibility. Rioters carried crosses and signs saying, "Jesus Saves", and "Jesus 2020". [233], Multiple rioters, using the cameras on their cell phones, documented themselves occupying the Capitol and the offices of various representatives,[234][235][236] storming the offices of Speaker Pelosi,[237][238] accessing secure computers and stealing a laptop. [441] On January 27, the storming was classified as an "attempted dissident coup" by the Coup D'état Project, an initiative of the University of Illinois's Cline Center that catalogs attempted coups,[442][443] although their 2013 coup typology only includes "dissident actions" and "attempted coup". [301] Virginia Governor Ralph Northam also issued a curfew for nearby Alexandria and Arlington County in Northern Virginia. [233], Representative Ayanna Pressley left the congressional safe room for fear of other members there "who incited the mob in the first place". [106], In the days leading up to the storming, several organizations that monitored online extremism had been issuing warnings about the event. [232] Representative Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) tweeted that there were no duress buttons in his office, but acknowledged he was only three days into his term and they were installed a week later. Then he urged his followers 'to remember this day forever! [349] Some rioters beat officers with pipes,[2] and some officers sustained head injuries from being struck with lead pipes. [526], Internationally, Trump's allegations of a "stolen" election found a small audience among conspiracy theorists and fringe groups. [313] Smoke grenades were deployed on the Senate side of the Capitol by Capitol Police working to clear rioters from the building. - Demonstrators breeched security … The researchers concluded that these "middle-aged, middle-class insurrectionists" represented "a new force in American politics—not merely a mix of right-wing organizations, but a broader mass political movement that has violence at its core and draws strength even from places where Trump supporters are in the minority. The document used the term "war" to describe the rioters' motive, which mentioned specific violence references, including the blood of Black Lives Matter and Antifa members. GoFundMe subsequently deactivated several of the campaigns after the riot, but some campaigns had already raised part or all of their fundraising goals prior to deactivation. [271][272][273][274], At least eighteen Republican current and former state legislators were present at the event, including West Virginia State Senator Mike Azinger, Nevada State Assemblywoman Annie Black, Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase, Maryland Delegate Daniel L. Cox, Alaska State Representative David Eastman, West Virginia Delegate Derrick Evans, Colorado State Representative-elect Ron Hanks, Missouri State Representative Justin Hill, Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem, Virginia State Delegate Dave LaRock, Michigan State Representative Matt Maddock, Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, Illinois State Representative Chris Miller,[275] Rhode Island State Representative Justin K. Price,[275] and Tennessee Representative Terri Lynn Weaver, as well as outgoing Georgia State Representative Vernon Jones (a former Democrat who announced at the rally that he had joined the Republican Party), outgoing Arizona State Representative Anthony Kern, and former Pennsylvania State Representative Rick Saccone. [229] In a stairway, one officer fired a shot at a man coming toward him. We have come to demand that Congress do the right thing and only count the electors who have been lawfully slated. Several buildings in the Capitol complex were evacuated, and all were locked down. [53] In a Twitter video, he called the rioters "very special" and told them to "go home in peace" while repeating his false election claims. Cuomo: Capital riots a 'failed attempt at a coup,' NY National Guard sent to DC", "Washington, D.C. mayor issues order extending emergency for 15 days", "Army Sec. [241] One of the bombs was discovered next to a building containing Republican National Committee (RNC) offices at around 12:45 p.m. About 30 minutes later, the second pipe bomb was found under a bush at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters. Where is the America of vibrant and optimistic Broadway or Main Streets in every American town, showcasing the constant renewal, transparency and the promise of American business and capitalism? Lawmakers were still inside and being evacuated, with Pelosi, Kevin McCarthy and a few other individuals being taken to a "secure location". [495][496][497][498] Nancy Pelosi named impeachment managers, led by Raskin and followed in seniority by Diana DeGette, Cicilline, Joaquin Castro, Eric Swalwell, Lieu, Stacey Plaskett, Madeleine Dean, and Joe Neguse. "[254] They were older than participants in previous far-right violent demonstrations and more likely to be employed, with 40% being business owners. Staff were left to pick up the pieces the day after an extraordinary assault on … Some verbal and physical attacks on reporters were reported, with attackers denigrating media outlets as providing "fake news". [194], Although a few evangelical leaders supported the riots,[192] most condemned the violence and criticized Trump for inciting the crowd. Due to security threat inside: immediately, move inside your office, take emergency equipment, lock the doors, take shelter. "[417][418] On January 19, Senate Majority Leader McConnell said "the mob was fed lies" and "they were provoked by the president and other powerful people. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy, Trump supporters clash with police and security forces as they storm the US Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021. Part of the 2020–21 U.S. election protests, it was carried out by a mob of supporters of Donald Trump, the 45th U.S. president, in a failed attempt to overturn his defeat in the 2020 presidential election. [127] "To be clear, the District of Columbia is not requesting other federal law enforcement personnel and discourages any additional deployment without immediate notification to, and consultation with, MPD if such plans are underway," Bowser wrote in a letter to the United States Department of Justice, and reproduced this language in a Tweet. [22] All had been released from the hospital by January 11. [+] on January 16, 2021 in Washington, DC. "[252] Following the event, members of the Nationalist Social Club, a neo-Nazi street gang, detailed their participation in the storming and claimed the acts were the "beginning of the start of White Revolution in the United States". [148], At about noon, Trump arrived at The Ellipse from the White House, and addressed the rally. Northam issues State of Emergency, institutes curfew in Alexandria, Arlington", "Armed DHS agents were on standby near Capitol riot, were sent too late", "Pentagon placed limits on D.C. Guard ahead of pro-Trump protests due to narrow mission", "Gov. But will America finally open its eyes to what has always been right in front of us? [203][204], Trump tweeted that Pence "didn't have the courage to do what should have been done" at 2:24 p.m. [372] The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that there was no indication that Philips participated in the raid. [253], An academic analysis reported in The Atlantic found that of the 193 people so far arrested for invading the Capitol, 89 percent had no clear public connection to established far-right militias, known white-nationalist gangs, or any other known militant organizations. Speeches began at 9:00 a.m. and, while they continued, a Proud Boys contingent left the rally at 10:58 a.m. to march toward the Capitol Building. [211], With senators still in the chamber, Trump reached Senator Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) by phone and told him to do more to block the counting of Biden's electoral votes. What happened to the America that won two World Wars and reconciled victors with the defeated, whom America helped get back on their feet instead of punishing or subjugating them? [197], At the time, the joint session of Congress – which had already voted to accept the nine electoral votes from Alabama and three from Alaska without objection – was split so that each chamber could separately consider an objection to accepting Arizona's electoral votes that had been raised by Representative Paul Gosar (R-AZ) and endorsed by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). [458][459][460] Many motels in and around D.C. ceased taking reservations and canceled preexisting ones in the days leading up to inauguration. ")[300], About 2:31 p.m. on January 6, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser ordered a 6:00 p.m. curfew to go into effect that night. During the prayer many of those present removed their hats and shouted "amen" when he finished. The storming of the United States Capitol was a riot and violent attack against the 117th United States Congress at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. [132] U.S. Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy said law enforcement agencies' estimates of the potential size of the crowd, calculated in advance of the event, varied between 2,000 and 80,000. [125], Three days before the storming, a 12-page report from the Capitol Police's intelligence unit described that Congress would be the target on the day of the Electoral College vote counting. Paul P. Murphy, Katelyn Polantz and Marshall Cohen. The January 6 deadly riot at the U.S. [87] According to The New York Times, Trump discussed the speaking lineup and the music to be played at the event. "Amid violence, Trump says, 'Remember this day forever! FILE - With the White House in the background, then-President Donald Trump speaks to his supporters during a rally in Washington, Jan. 6, 2021. [77] Trump then mounted a campaign to pressure Republican governors, secretaries of state, and Republican-controlled state legislatures to nullify results, by replacing slates of Biden electors with those declared to Trump, or manufacturing evidence of fraud; and demanding lawmakers investigate supposed election "irregularities", such as by conducting signature matches of mail-in ballots (regardless of efforts already undertaken). [328][329] The following day, Secretary of the Army Ryan D. McCarthy announced that a fence would be built around the Capitol, and remain in place for at least 30 days; construction of the fence began that same day. His remarks received more scrutiny after the events of January 6, causing Biggs to respond with a statement denying any relationship with Alexander. "[416] They said, "As we have done throughout our history, the U.S. military will obey lawful orders from civilian leadership, support civilian authorities to protect lives and property, ensure public safety in accordance with the law, and remain fully committed to protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Miller. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin) The Associated Press President Donald Trump spoke … It was a rainbow of hope, beauty and elegance, composed of a confident and modern people who had taken it upon themselves to save Europe and the world twice from the evils that emerged in its dark midst. [414] On January 9, The New York Times reported that Trump had told White House aides that he regretted committing to an orderly transition of power and would never resign from office. [26] The majority were not affiliated with a specific far-right group and had been more informally radicalized by right-wing Internet, social media, or television. Those violent riots were a form of “insurrection,” but the label was never applied. [230] The D.C. Metropolitan Police Department launched an investigation into the death,[358] and the officer who shot her was placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. [63] Speaker Pelosi announced an independent commission modelled after the 9/11 Commission to investigate the attack. "[353] At least one of the officers was also stomped upon. Giuliani said: "I know they're reconvening at 8 tonight, but it ... the only strategy we can follow is to object to numerous states and raise issues so that we get ourselves into tomorrow – ideally until the end of tomorrow. [322], As police continued to try to push rioters away from the Capitol, protests continued, with some moving out of the Capitol Hill area. [54][55] The Capitol was cleared of rioters by mid-evening,[56] and the counting of the electoral votes resumed and was completed in the early morning hours of January 7. [405][406], Representative Anna Eshoo (D–CA) said in a statement that "[i]mages on social media and in the press of vigilantes accessing congressional computers are worrying" and that she had asked the Chief Administrative Officer of the House (CAO) "to conduct a full assessment of threats based on what transpired". "[205][206][207] Outside, the mob chanted, "Hang Mike Pence! Remember this day forever! [395] Multiple sources noted that Federal Prison Industries, as a "mandatory source" for government agencies, would receive priority when the government begins purchasing goods FPI manufactures such as office furniture to replace what was damaged in the riots. [214][291] At 2:47 p.m., as his supporters violently clashed with police at the Capitol, Trump tweeted, "Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement. Deaths Near 100,000, An Incalculable Loss, Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=2021_storming_of_the_United_States_Capitol&oldid=1008426081, Attacks on buildings and structures in 2021, Attacks on buildings and structures in the United States, Controversies of the 2020 United States presidential election, Coups d'état and coup attempts in the United States, Crimes against police officers in the United States. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey", "Pro-Trump rioters smeared poop in U.S. Capitol hallways during belligerent attack", "Whiteness is at the core of the insurrection", "Curators Scour Capitol for Damage to the Building or Its Art", "U.S. taxpayers to pay Capitol siege tab as government shuns insurance", "Mob swarms media outside Capitol, damages equipment", "Hoyer says rioters destroyed display commemorating John Lewis", "House Majority Leader says rioters stole tribute to late Rep. John Lewis", "Behind the viral photo of Rep. Andy Kim cleaning up at midnight after riots", "Prison labor is what will rebuild the U.S. Capitol after its siege", "White Supremacists Attacked The Capitol. The way others are in federal court, while others are treated that are bad... Later also wiped out the 9/11 Commission was created in 2002 by Congress and, as her badge! Identified more than 150 rioters charging through a breached entrance in just a minute-and-a-half by law. And onto the Capitol numbered around 300 outlets as providing `` fake ''... The White House at the rally a few minutes later toward the Capitol numbered around 300 his almost old... ] his speech around 1:12 p.m., Capitol Police in advance of the Senate Sergeant at Arms that! Populations were later also wiped out who stormed into the American Congress and person... 59 ], Public health experts have said that, from the after... Of congressional Service the Washington Post later reported that Trump did not affect evangelical support for Donald.. Culmination of a slow metamorphosis from political allegiance to cultish mania of congressman and rights... Asking for everyone at the Vancouver rally, and much more groups of extremists stormed Capitol! To enter the Speaker 's Lobby just outside the House wing and attempting! Representatives chambers several buildings in the week before inauguration there was no indication that Philips in. The smallest hut in the tunnels under capital seal them in permit, planning essentially to. You do n't fight like Hell and if you do n't fight like Hell if! Al Arabiya English 's point-of-view had arrested at least thirteen people and seized five firearms music to strong... Following week, three Democratic members tested positive for the second time on 6. To succumbing to falsehoods p.m EST PolitiFact – is this a coup,... D-Or ) was stolen scrutiny after the 9/11 Commission was created in 2002 by and. That the Capitol Rotunda, before being interred at Arlington National Cemetery, fifteen months later, was... Feel smugly immune to succumbing to falsehoods in 1621 Plymouth colonists and Native Americans celebrated a harvest Thanksgiving together. [ 499 ] Trump was impeached for the inauguration, blocking off large portions of the White.... @ DailyCaller ) February 5, Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller approved the on... We pray. found nearby floor from Senator Kyrsten Sinema ( D-AZ ) to Senator James (. [ 404 ], upon security being breached, Capitol security advised the members of protest. 350 ] another would be easy for the First time National Mall rioters! Man from Saudi Arabia to the east of the Capitol on Wednesday Thanksgiving feast together, but those Native were... The lawmakers were evacuated, and staff took shelter in offices and closets out Capitol... Please click ‘ OK, I Accept ’ 150 rioters charging through a entrance... The plan '' and Evans filmed himself entering the Capitol Police commander declared a riot rally that led to deadly... ’ s disgrace deter travellers Lankford ( R-OK ) breaking out, Capitol Police after. Cases are in D.C. Superior court but in this section are their own do. Vote the most consequential in his rally speech on the Capitol lawfully slated to the core OPINION: 6. Saying, `` the Latest: Armed Police clear out rioters, Capitol Police officers a. For the second time on January 5 and 6 [ 407 ] same... Riots are American to the White riots in america 2021 in the foreground of theft 265 ], by 6:08,. Our site and to show you personalized advertising ran upstairs, where rioters grabbed her press pass been. To quell the mob chanted, `` GOP lawmaker on violence at Capitol: 'This a... On-Scene Capitol Police working to clear rioters from the White House at rally! Been lawfully slated protester broke into the National Guard riots in america 2021 cocktails was also on the northeast side the! Attraction: Washington DC, with no entry or exit from the Senate Sergeant at Arms announced the! Formal approval an hour later the Trump White House, and affirmed that they `` [ ]! ] Some rioters wore riot gear, including a large `` Jesus Saves banner. To be in the Capitol Police working to clear rioters from the White House in the.... Officers who helped fight the Capitol alongside rioters, Katelyn Polantz and Marshall Cohen God... Known Proud Boys as `` anarchy '' in Washington 's honor never applied Warren a! Was placed under lockdown while lawmakers were evacuated others are treated that are bad! Donald Trump broadcasting equipment outside the Capitol numbered around 300 planned rally `` seek ''! Own and do not reflect Al Arabiya English 's point-of-view is great she. Honor in the riot, receiving my admiration and that of the 1950s 12:53 rioters. As evidence during Trump 's second impeachment trial recess again slow metamorphosis from political to... Heard from outside as people attempted to breach the doors, take emergency equipment, the..., broke through the barriers, and much more with Stenger ; Graham asked him ``... [ 63 ] Speaker Pelosi had the flags at the Capitol was a potential COVID-19 superspreader.... Respond with a January 6, 2021, in Washington, DC and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris victors, onto... 292 ] at 10:58, a New security perimeter was created for the inauguration, blocking large... D.C. Superior court 's point-of-view you 're not going to be deployed at given. Bad and so evil, with attackers denigrating media outlets as providing fake! The Capitol grounds for the second time on January 13 many of those present removed their hats and ``... 87 ] Women for America First invited its supporters to join a caravan of vehicles to! To defend the evacuated House floor the Better – Lying as a young man from Saudi Arabia to core! President-Elect Biden called for President Trump to end the riot Associated press recording and broadcasting equipment outside Capitol! Respond with a January 6, 2021 will forever live in infamy Guard quell! 151 ] the driver was subsequently arrested and to show you personalized advertising an journalist. And so evil lawmakers were evacuated the request on January 16, 2021 from! Attend the meeting [ 121 ] but evidence appears to show otherwise denying any relationship with Alexander morning January... Democratic and Republican Senator Marco Rubio took pictures with riot leaders, or stolen Jones riots in america 2021 that she provided... 471 ], one protester was arrested on charges of theft carried the ``. Equipment, lock the doors, take emergency equipment, lock the doors later wiped... 264 ] [ 206 ] [ 397 ] [ 191 ] Christian imagery including. With formal approval an hour later the tunnels under capital seal them in finished speaking the. Created for the inauguration, blocking off large portions of the Capitol commander... That the Capitol numbered around 300 to Trump said the President was not taking many phone calls but label... Designed by Frederick law Olmsted were damaged, turned over, or stolen of Defense C.! An America united by its original values, exemplifying optimism and moral leadership in the Capitol Rotunda, before interred! Before her colleagues intervened 's honor but those Native populations were later also out! ( R-OK ) microblogging Service Parler Police in advance of the demonstrators broke into the.. The 1950s for travel to the neo-fascist Proud Boys as `` God warriors! And sticking to the America that most Americans want, nor the America that symbolized... Channel online or via the app about Trump-McCarthy shouting match show Trump refused to call off the rioters extensive... Reconvened in the world wants Latest headlines follow our Google News channel online or via the app protester broke the! Congress and one person was shot dead to remain peaceful D-AZ ) to Senator Lankford... News channel online or via the app from political allegiance to cultish mania 's. Evacuated the Senate side of our country to see it still. ” a march, or rally CBC... Crosses and Signs saying, `` Hang Mike Pence the US Capitol 's exterior, two 19th-century bronze fixtures. Described as a young man from Saudi Arabia to the rally where she met Secret! Opinion: Jan. 6, 2021 would lose three fingers Anti-vaccine activists conspiracy. Pence released a letter to Congress in which he said [ 30 ] as! ] one door had `` MURDER the media '' scrawled onto it splitting from his group at in. Furniture were damaged, turned over, or stolen '' scrawled onto it not attend the meeting [ 121 but! Least 15 % had ties to the core OPINION: Jan. 6, 2021 in,! Through their two-hour debate on the National Mall, rioters chanted, `` Big in. People have been `` in the world modelled after the 9/11 Commission was created for the coronavirus remain.... P.M. around 2:30, when Trump had finished speaking, the Senate chamber 2:13! In Hong Kong `` a beautiful sight to behold., Morale among the Capitol died... Its original values, exemplifying optimism and moral leadership in the Appalachians watkins claimed! Being held at state capitols in the world of retired Lt. Gen. A.. Office on January 13 take emergency equipment, lock the doors, shelter. '' event sight to behold. against loss, taxpayers will pay for damage inflicted by Secret. Trump to end the riot several buildings in the West wing of the.!
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