In short, snails will need to eat three things to be healthy: vegetables, calcium carbonate and protein.Vegetables should be given fresh and the best thing to do is to give a varied diet of vegetables (and occasionally fruits and herbs) and replace it when it goes bad. He picked at the golden one for a day and then left him alone. I have had two mystery snails in with my male betta for about four months now. However, snails are known to live in calcium-rich soils and areas with a lot of limestone or natural chalk. Some fish food companies do make food specifically for invertebrates, which contain higher amounts of calcium. For calicum I give them 30-day fish feeder blocks (Sortof like the ones on ebay, except in a smalelr package for a dollar or two from Petsmart! In most pet stores, you can buy turtle shaped calcium blocks. Hydrated lime: [Ca(OH)2] or slaked lime - Also caustic so never give to snails. Any other similar product will do fine, just make sure it's pure calcium. I wouldn't give my snails anything but the JurassiCal reptile calcium powder from JurassiPet. I have a tank with 8 different colored/sized mystery snails in it. Unacceptable choices. I introduced the second snail about a month later and he was very small. Or you can feed it calcium rich food like frozen french green beans, spinich that as been blanched and put in the tank. Snails can also absorb calcium through their foot and you may witness your snails sitting on pieces of cuttlefish. The snails will run their bodies over the calcium source and wear it away over time. You might also consider baking egg shells if you decide on using them to kill bacteria and to dry the shell out . The best way to provide calcium for snails is through their diet. Give the snail calcium. If you use a cuttle bone give it a good boil so that it will sink. In that sense, it will not help your snails by providing calcium, but it might help prevent shell decay if you have soft/acidic water. I had the golden snail first and then introduced the the betta. Egg shells to increase calcium for snails. I buy them 10 packs or so at a time so I don't have to keep going back as I have many snails.) Now put just a very small fragment of it, like a cm or a quarter of an inch. in there, and they love these. Cuttlefish bones are available for purchase at pet stores, but you could also use eggshells. This indicates they do get calcium from other sources: "The availability of calcium in their diet determines if the shell is thick or thin. Too much calcium can result in internal stones that can be harmful. Link to post Share on other sites. I would give crushed coral (aragonite) a try instead, or montmorillionite powder. For snails, foods rich in calcium are also beneficial, which can be made (search for snail jello recipes) or purchased. Some people put Tums in the tank, or I put a calcium pill in the tank. The betta did not give … It's caustic so never give to snails. Chalk board/sidewalk chalk: Is not made of natural chalk which is a soft, gray limestone but rather synthetic stuff. You should provide a source of calcium in the tank at all times. Snails need plenty of calcium to keep their shells strong and healthy. Soothing Shrimp 4,183 Posted September 27, 2015. You can use a cuttlebone that you buy at a petstore to put in the filter it adds calcium to the water, Crushed shells, crushed egg shells in a nylon bag. If you're feeding as part of a mix, the recommended amount of calcium is 12% for optimum health and growth, although one study showed 20% to best.