4.3. What Army Regulation requires periodic proficiency certification of COMSEC maintenance personnel? The key to reducing customer wait time is for the requesting COMSEC custodian to monitor the ISSP system for any returned requisitions, quickly correct the errors identified, and immediately resubmit the request.If the COMSEC custodian is unclear on how to fix the errors, he should contact either the Army command COMSEC manager or the CSLA help desk for guidance. Serves as a KOAM/COMSEC Custodian responsible for oversight of a large Army COMSEC account and manages the COMSEC portion of the command Nuclear Surety Program. security of COMSEC material. USARC Regulation 380-3 3 b. 84 comsec custodian jobs available. Unclassified COMSEC equipment has a controlled item inventory code (CIIC) of U, 7, or 9 (less key devices), while classified or accountable COMSEC equipment has a CIIC other than U, O, 7, or 9. AR 710-2 states that unserviceable COMSEC items must be repaired by a depot or special repair activity and only TYAD performs COMSEC materiel demilitarization and disposal.When a customer submits an SKL for maintenance using a Department of the Army (DA) Form 2407, Maintenance Request, he expects to receive the same item back fully mission capable. 7 COMSEC BRIEFING. The custodian routinely does: a. … 6. Required Documents. To prescribe policy for safeguarding and controlling communications security (COMSEC) material. The administrative channel is used to distribute COMSEC information and material other than that which is accountable in the CMCS. The maintenance transaction then becomes a supply transaction, creating a valid shortage.The cover letter with the DD Form 1348-1A informs the customer of the process to request replacements. Cryptographic Security – The proper design, implementation, use and Collected and maintained accurate inventory of … The COMSEC custodian uses the ISSP system to submit the requisition.SKLs have a CIIC of 9, but since they are key devices, they fall into the accountable COMSEC category. This regulation will be used with AR 380-19, AR 380-40, DA Pamphlet 25-16, DA Pamphlet 25-380-2, and Technical Bulletin (TB) 380-41. AR 710-2 & AR 735-5 Accounting records of CAM accounts established and maintained IAW TB 380-41, shall constitute property accountability records as outlined in what two Army Regulations? COMSEC Program Manager and, consistent with the National Manager responsibilities assigned to DIRNSA by National Security Directive 42 (Reference (p)), shall: 5.5.1. policy for safeguarding and controlling communications security– (comsec) materielclick here to download from usapa Recently Added Latest articles in Army Regulations A COMSEC custodian is responsible for actions concerning accountable COMSEC material charged to his account. Maintaining close oversight of COMSEC requisitions by monitoring the ISSP system and following up with key COMSEC materiel approving authorities reduces wait times. Because the standard is ambiguous and can change depending upon the inspector’s interpretation … COMSEC materiel request approval requires the concurrence of several offices, usually including the unit's Army command COMSEC manager, CSLA, and the COMSEC program director, before the item manager can release any assets.If any of the approving officials discover an error, the request is returned without action to the requester through the ISSP system for correction and resubmission. It notes that Army Regulation 380-40 requires that all COMSEC accounts have trained personnel to perform as COMSEC custodian. 4.2.2. The unit must process the paperwork provided by TYAD through the local property book office to remove the items from the consolidated property list. Assists the COMSEC Officer/Custodian during inspections of subordinate commands and USARPAC staff sections as required by Army Regulation (AR) 380-40 and Technical Bulletin (TB) 380-41. The proponent of this memorandum is the Office of the TRADOC Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS), G-2. The COMSEC Custodian assumes responsibility for the material upon receipt and then controls its dissemination to authorized individuals on a need-to-know basis. This article will explain how to replace simple key loaders (SKLs) after the maintenance activity determines them nonrepairable.COMSEC REPAIR REQUEST PROCESSTobyhanna Army Depot (TYAD), Pa., repairs COMSEC equipment. Requisitioning communications security (COMSEC) key devices is challenging to those who are unfamiliar with the COMSEC Materiel Control System (CMCS). Once this action is complete, the COMSEC custodian uses the CMCS to request replacements. Transmission Security (TRANSEC) – The protection of information when it is passed between parties. A capable COMSEC system exists; however, equipment is not available to support this requirement. Serve as the DoD COMSEC and cryptography focal point and manage the implementation of this Instruction. Understanding the COMSEC materiel control system. 4.2.1. 1348-1A; Declassification Certificate; Sensitive Item Turn-in Briefing. This regulation establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for safeguarding and controlling communications security (COMSEC) material in USAREUR. The COMSEC Custodian is the properly appointed individual who manages and controls the accountable COMSEC material in the CMCS charged to his/her activity. The standard is the regulations below. Physically check that crypto equipment, keys, and keyed crypto are handled and stored properly. In general COMSEC is the prevention of unauthorized access to communication’s traffic. It cites two types of training for COMSEC material management, the Standardized COMSEC Custodian Course for manual and automated accounts and another Local COMSEC Management Software Course for automated accounts. Army DA administrative publications and forms by the Army Publishing Directorate APD. The requirements for replacing COMSEC are detailed and sometimes confusing. The COMSEC custodian, not the unit property book officer, is the accountable officer for classified COMSEC materiel.The Communications Security Logistics Activity (CSLA) uses the ISSP system to centralize COMSEC requests. The ISSP system manages COMSEC requisitions not only to ensure equitable distribution but also to capture current and future COMSEC requirements across the Army. It is imperative to ensure information we transmit, transfer or communicate is secured not only in the military environment, but in aspects of civilian life as well. )Navigating the CMCS is a challenging task. See salaries, compare reviews, easily apply, and get hired. Unclassified COMSEC equipment … 6. The COMSEC custodian, or at least one of his/her alternates, must be a full-time support (FTS) individual. COMSEC Custodian NCOER Bullets o assisted in a two-day vehicle movement from MK Airbase, Romania to Budapest, Hungary, covering more than 1,000 km; transferred all classified material securely o provided essential assistance in conducting over 500 km of recon efforts to assure mission readiness; key to route clearance and future missions The latest technologies high quality electronic pubs and forms view U.S. Army Regulations and DA Forms. 2. IDOCS provides the capability to secure communications over optical fiber lines without the use of encryption or a PDS. Communications Security (COMSEC) develops, tests, procures, fields and sustains cryptographic solutions to secure the Army’s network (tactical up through enterprise). which has an appointed COMSEC Custodian who is responsible and accountable for all COMSEC information charged to his account. Saul Decker is a brigade logistics support team chief at Fort Knox, Ky. Expedited requests require a memo signed by the brigade commander.REDUCING WAIT TIMESOnce requisitions are submitted, the unit must monitor them closely. army.mil /.The COMSEC custodian enters the requisition in either the MS4X (IA … He is a graduate of the Army Command and General Staff College.___________________________________________________________________________________________This article was published in the March-April 2014 issue of Army Sustainment magazine. There is no COMSEC system or IDOCS with the capability to handle the data to be passed over the PDS. COMSEC custodian duties. Serve as the centralized COMSEC acquisition authority. Essential Duties -Serve as Primary or Alternate COMSEC Custodian for a Defense Agency.-Establishes and maintains accurate COMSEC inventories (daily, monthly, and semi-annual), accounting records and files.-Validates needs for COMSEC operational and contingency key and recommends changes to Government for approval. (ARCIC), and the U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training (USACIMT). Army Regulation (AR) 710–2, Supply Policy Below the National Level, divides COMSEC equipment into two categories: unclassified and classified. 5.5.3. If the COMSEC custodian does not have an ISSP account, he must establish one at https://issp.army.mil/.The COMSEC custodian enters the requisition in either the MS4X (IA tools/support) or the MX5T (COMSEC) section within the ISSP and uploads the cover letter and DD Form 1348-1A provided by TYAD. COMSEC accounts a. 2. Regulations Classified Disposal Regulations DoDM 4160.21 Vol4 Page 54. He holds a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Kentucky and a master's degree in administration from Central Michigan University. ù0SÂÆ¡~q‘Ž2ºyuzúáÏg‹¶°{:LËÐâ².³º;˜¿ºn,3QDgu:Ì»‡ãÛaÆóRg£P5ãÅmÙô2ŸÔEI7ó/R:|. This Technical Bulletin (TB) provides Communications Security (COMSEC) information regarding custodianship of accounts, accounting/reporting procedures, safeguarding material supply procedures, and Controlling Authority (CONAUTH) responsibilities in accordance with (IAW) COMSEC policy set forth in Army Regulation (AR) 380-40. Ask the COMSEC Custodian, COMSEC Responsible Officer (CRO), Security Manager or IAM how COMSEC equipment and materials are transported, handled and stored. Proponent and exception authority. officers or warrant officers (if possible). Even if requesters satisfy the minimum requirements they must also be willing to remain patient, learn, and correct mistakes in order to be successful.___________________________________________________________________________________________Maj. Here's how Comsec is used in Comsec Custodian jobs: Maintained and operated sophisticated COMSEC data systems assuring proper operation against requirements of multiple packages and multiple government organizations. However, if the SKL is nonrepairable, TYAD keeps the item for disposal and provides the customer with a Department of Defense (DD) Form 1348-1A, Issue Release/Receipt Document, stating that the item is nonrepairable. PURPOSE: To provide Active Army and Reserve Component personnel standardized instruction pertinent to safeguarding, accounting, and control of Communications Security (COMSEC) material. If the COMSEC custodian does not have an ISSP account, he must establish one at https://issp. They also follow the COMSEC custodian's instructions for protecting and controlling material. An overview of these responsibilities follows. BACKGROUND: There is no single established standard for Arms Room, Key Control and Seals Custodian inspections within III Corps. | Army Software Readiness, Army housing improves with continued investments, Army begins movement for Defender-Europe 20 exercise, U.S. Army proposes innovative solution for historic housing, U.S. Army releases DCGS-A Increment 2 'request for proposals'. There are over 84 comsec custodian careers waiting for you to apply! Communications security (COMSEC) hand-receipt holders will be assigned according to AR 380-40. COMSEC key device requisitions require a valid shortage, a COMSEC custodian with an Information Systems Security Program (ISSP) account, and frequent follow-up with key personnel and agencies throughout the process.Army Regulation (AR) 710-2, Supply Policy Below the National Level, divides COMSEC equipment into two categories: unclassified and classified. Regional Support Command commanders will establish a COMSEC Material Distribution Support Activity The custodian will brief hand-receipt holders and users and witnesses for COMSEC key destruction and provide written instructions on COMSEC procedures. COMSEC Custodians are responsible for the generation, receipt, custody, distribution, safeguard, disposition or destruction, and accounting of COMSEC material entrusted to their COMSEC Account. Army Regulation (AR) 710-2, Supply Policy Below the National Level, divides COMSEC equipment into two categories: unclassified and classified. The low-stress way to find your next comsec custodian job opportunity is on SimplyHired. Completion of the Army COMSEC Custodian Course. This regulation establishes Army in Europe policy and prescribes procedures for safeguarding, controlling, and disposing of communications security (COMSEC) material. This will eliminate the burden of carrying transit cases that contain large key distribution systems or searching for a COMSEC custodian. U.S. Army STAND-TO! Appointed enlisted personnel must be at least a staff sergeant for custodian and sergeant for alternate. The procedures to implement supply control, item accounting, and transaction reporting are contained in Department of the Army (DA) Pamphlet (Pam) 25-380-2, Technical Bulletin (TB) 380-41, AR 710-2, AR 710-3, AR 735-5, and supporting DA pamphlets in the 710 series. In many cases, the process is one of discovery and learning. The proponent has the authority to approve exceptions or waivers to this memorandum that are consistent with controlling laws and regulations. 2…In this job, you will: Maintain accountability and control of COMSEC or Cryptographic Controlled Items (CCI… 3.7 … (See figure 1. New comsec custodian careers are added daily on SimplyHired.com. COMSEC custodian duties. COMSEC is the protection afforded classified and sensitive information or operations that is achieved by applying the following four elements: 1. 5.5.2.