RCR is also running a personal engine maintenance course with one-to-one tuition from an engineer/qualified trainer who will visit the boat and advise on how to undertake a basic service and help with engine familiarisation. Before you perform engine maintenance, it’s a good idea to check your manufacturer’s recommendations first. The course will give awareness of the main systems of a marine diesel engine and the ability to prevent breakdown at sea & rectify defects not requiring workshop support. This course is a component of the New Zealand Certificate in Domestic Maritime Operations (Restricted Limits) (Level 4) This two day course covers all the essential maintenance tasks that can be completed by the average boater without the use of specialist tools and that will help you to keep your boat in good order. This course is a component of the New Zealand Certificate in Domestic Maritime Operations (Restricted Limits) (Level 4) Nearly every maintenance and repair procedure will be addressed with tips and shortcuts to make engine work easier and keep your boat operating cleaner. Specific topics include washdowns and general upkeep, basic engine maintenance, fueling and fuel systems, battery systems, pumps, electrical and hydraulic systems and trailering and trailer maintenance. We base the course on a real Volvo engines, being a Penta MD2030 & D1-30 diesel engines, the skills you learn are transferable to any modern marine diesel engine. Mechanical failure is the main cause of lifeboat callouts to yachts. This course includes basic maintenance and engine care which will prevent most cases of engine failure. This should be flushed through with fresh water at the end of the season to avoid corrosion. Changing Engine Oil and Other Fluids. Keep your engine clean and tuned properly. The dream of owning, maintaining and using your own boat without great expense can be achieved through the completion of the Boat & Engine Maintenance Course. It features practical information and handy tips suitable for both new and existing boat owners. By taking preventive measures, you can keep your engine running for a long time, and you can preserve the value of your boat. This one day course can be tailored to a variety of boat users. This course will equip you with the knowledge required to prevent onboard problems, carry out specialized tasks and tackle both short-term troubleshooting as well as long-term boat … Course for maintenance of Inboard Diesel Marine Engines Ringsend College. Qualification: Inboard Engine Maintenance Certificate A comprehensive course covering diesel inboard care, maintenance, and trouble-shooting. Use an oil-only absorbent pad under the engine and in the bilge to absorb spills. Take home reference manuals include charts, diagrams and step by step repair instructions. Marine Diesel Maintenance & Troubleshooting. (click here to learn more about or goals and values and here to get to know us). Temporarily disable your bilge pump so that it does not cycle on in the case of a spill. Raw water system. 3. The course notes will remain on this site as a help for all boaters. 11: Hull Protection, Paintwork Maintenance and leaks through fittings 12: Winterising. Check the oil and fluid levels before every outing. We are passionate about technical systems on boats since the 1970s (at least two of us) and we have a mission: . The course covers the principles of engine operation, carburetion and preventative maintenance. Throughout this course, students receive both lecture and hands-on instruction utilizing both a working diesel engine and a cutaway diesel that offers visual access to its inner workings. Just read your article and think we are in the same boat, pun in tended, as you. We offer the internet's most profound knowledge on boat mechanics and electrics. Included in the Course cost are: The RYA Diesel Engine booklet and certificate of attendance. Relevant online educational opportunities are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Marine Engine Maintenance. With over 20 years of Marine industry know-how you know you’re in good hands when it comes to gaining confidence and abilities that could be vital to … Identify the different types of engines. Upon completion of the course, students will be able to understand, troubleshoot and perform basic preventative maintenance and repairs to their engines. Ray & Pam Boat motors are an integral part of your boat's overall operation. Run the engine for about 30 minutes and check the coolant level again, topping up as necessary. As the engine ages, increase the frequency of oil changes. We hold the engine and boat maintenance course in our dedicated classroom at Debdale Wharf. Some boat owners plug the ends of the circuit and fill it with antifreeze for the winter. Boat & Engine Maintenance - Total 35 Hours Basic Engines Provides a practical understanding of the operation and routine maintenance of basic mechanical systems aboard vessels, with emphasis on diesel and gasoline inboard engines. Every skipper needs to understand the fundamentals of gas and diesel engines to perform basic maintenance and diagnose problems under way. Duration: 8 Hours. By the end of the course, learners will be able to: 1. Likewise, if you want your boat to operate at its peak performance all season long, you'll need to perform these basic steps for engine maintenance. Course Objective. See course table of contents. The MCA Approved Engine Certificate 1 course (AEC1) develops your basic understanding from the RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance course to a more advanced level. This course looks at the most common propulsion failure points and how to prevent them and, if necessary, how diagnose the problem to … Try this one - listen to them swing! ENGINE MAINTENANCE. Aim: To gain essential knowledge on the operation and care of inboard diesel engines. Any Volvo/Penta course recommendations would be appreciated. The course covers diesel engines in general and is not brand specific. Prioritize Boat Engine Maintenance. The RYA does not offer an outboard petrol engine maintenance & servicing course, however as an RYA recognised training centre that already offers the diesel engine course from our Southampton training centre we have designed a course along the RYA diesel engine course syllabus aimed at both 2 stroke and 4 stroke petrol outboard engine maintenance. The boat electrics course is £150 and run by electrical specialist Howard Williams. The RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance Course is essential for all users of today's boats. 2. It is a mix of classroom and practical sessions. One-Day: The RYA Diesel Engine Course is a one-day course and was developed by the RYA in response to demand to take the mystery out of the marine diesel engine and to improve reliability by carrying out timely maintenance. Of course you do! Engine maintenance is important. He is happy to continue to offer free email support to boaters and welcomes your questions.. ... Boat Maintenance notes: Boat Electrical notes: Technical Articles ... Want a good band for parties, boat festivals, river boat shuffles etc.