The Square Circle Rounding Hammer – Alec Steele Co. These hammers feature one flat face and a peen that is thinned down and perpendicular to the shaft. Online School. Cross peens include French Style, Swedish Style, German Style, Czech Style, Hofi Hammers, Harbour Freight "Blacksmith Hammers" and more. Alec Steele. The Ball Peen is a classic English hammer. Alec Steele on the rounding hammer: The Classic Rounding hammer, popularized and made famous through Brian Brazeal's teachings, has become known worldwide as the most versatile hammer available. Treat your wood well, and it will serve you well in return. Ultimately, it's always worth remembering that a hammer is a lump of hardened steel on a stick and experience will always trump fancy tools. You can give the handle a slightly more comfortable shape by making flats on the sides of the handle. Alec primarily uses a 3.5lb hammer because anything that can't be done under the power hammer can be finished with as little effort as possible. Leaf making, expanding the width of a blade or reaching a hard to reach area. If you choose this option and get a hammer with varnish on the handle, make sure you strip it off with a rasp or sandpaper. Blacksmithing and Knife making Hammer Weights. At a county fair in 2009, I was introduced to the blacksmith’s craft. After all, this, remember. Generally, when the workpeice gets larger than 3/4", we break out a 4.5lber and for stock below a half inch, we find the 2.5lber can be an admirable companion at the anvil. Terms and conditions apply. Time on the anvil and patience at your craft will. The flat face is used for general forging, but the peen allows you to do aggressive spreading operations to widen material. We don't like spam either, enter your email to stay up to date on all things Alec Steele Co. Britain's master blacksmiths have opened up their forges for US TV programme Forged in Fire, showcasing their expertise as they create replica weaponry including pirate cutlasses. If he needs to move more material, he will jump to a 4.5lb hammer. The rounding hammer is used for blacksmithing work and was popularized through Brian Brazeal's education and has become known as a very versatile hammer. Lives on my belt. The peen is for spreading rivet heads or texturing material. We found when Alec's shop was moved from by sea in the UK to the dry mountains of Montana, every single handled tool he owned was extremely loose in the head. Blacksmith and YouTuber - Combining the two is my passion! Alec Steele Hammers Update: The hammers Alec Steele co. are selling as of December 2020, are NOT my hammers, but ones made down in Montana by Matt in the Alec Steele co. shop. The geometry of these hammers gives you many dies, based on how you tilt the hammerhead. He had created some famous weapons in history, including M9 Bayonet and the Viking Battle Axe. Our hammers start at $200. "Starry Night" pattern damascus belt axe. Alec Steele, the blacksmith with ... Will said in his stream today that he will be going to Jason from Fireballtool to braze his hammer back together, great news for us all, and Will. When deciding what style of hammer is right for you, it's essential to consider what work you will be doing. A better hammer doesn't make a better blacksmith. Alec Steele . My name's Alec Steele and here you'll find near-daily videos documenting the process of building some awesome projects here in the shop. Over time handles can become loose, and it's good to have the option to add another wedge made of steel. ANVILS — Alec Steele The perfect anvil for making tools with a sledge-hammer is the Brian Brazeal inspired striking anvil by Alec Steele. We hope this article was comprehensive and Happy forging!-The Alec Steele Company. You could also smooth and further round the edges to minimize the sharp marks on your work, and a little polish never hurts! Blacksmith and YouTuber - Combining the two is my passion! For the whole of my life I have disliked touching doors, handles, buttons and other surfaces in public. With a variation in weight, there are often different styles of hammering. Made out of 4140 steel, it's is perfect for drifting the eyes of your hammers. Peens generally concentrate force to do more aggressive forging operations due to their reduced surface area of contact. If he needs to move more … Our hammers start at $200. He has a reputation and is at the forefront of the blacksmith community. It's a lump of metal on a stick. Hickory generally excels for hammers with a close runner up being Ash. It's a lump of metal on a stick. Check out our YouTube for product videos and How To's, as well as our Instagram for other exclusive content. After all, this, remember. Local Business. Fit it as dry as you can and keep it well oiled with Linseed oil so it can stay in as good a condition as possible. Click the shirts below to check out our merchandise store and get geared up for a great time in the shop! Leaf making, expanding the width of a blade or reaching a hard to reach area. Generally used for aggressively lengthening work from their reduced surface area of contact. Blacksmithing and Knife making Hammer Styles. And I am a germaphobe. Hammer Handles: Tips, Care, and Materials. These hammers have their peen parallel to the handle. Nov 15, 2016 - Alec Steele, YouTuber and Blacksmith. A better hammer doesn't make a better blacksmith. This is my first time forging with my new hammer from Alec Steele. Nov 15, 2016 - Alec Steele, YouTuber and Blacksmith. Alec Steele's online school will teach you everything you need to know: from how to set up your first forge and anvil to making all of your own tools!