JR also checked piston-to-valve clearance, and there was plenty. But sometimes they just feel a bit sterile and “soulless.” Maybe what you need is something a bit more retro, and nothing says, “old-school performance,” like a supercharged big-block. Introduced in the 1960s, the Chevrolet big block engine has been used in both performance and full-size cars as well as trucks. But keep in mind, a smaller pulley will only get you so far since the blower will eventually max out on its ability to move air. In the case of boost, the answer is a resounding yes. It features billet steel sprockets and a nine-keyway crank sprocket for 2-degree incremental adjustability. And just like that, our short block was done and lookin’ good in its Chevy Orange paint. The 454 made tons of low-end torque and over 500 hp at 5,800 rpm. We’re not talking one of those fancy centrifugal blowers either, but a good old roots-style huffer. The arched, web-like design delivers an almost 29 percent increase in strength of rigidity, while coming in with a lower moment of inertia. Again, we I am going to install a LS6 454 in a 1930 Model A and I have been toying with the idea of using a supercharger. Now, the kit costs $600 more than the 177 blower, but it will be capable of stuffing enough atmosphere into our 454 to justify the cost. 13 Just for giggles we wanted to see what the 454 would make with only a carb, so we grabbed a 950-cfm unit off the shelf along with a Weiand single-plane intake manifold. Weiand Blowers On A Built 454 - Pressure Potential, Building a Stroker Small-Block with LS-Like Reliability, 1,000 HP From a Broken-In 400-Inch Small-Block Chevy, An Inside Look at the New Edelbrock AVS2 Carburetor, Week To Wicked: Did We Finish As Planned? ft. to 764 lbs ft. Running less than seven psi, the roots blower upped the power ante of the 496 stroker by an amazing 238 hp and 185 lbs. The other big player in our rock-solid oiling system was a fully baffled 6-quart Moroso pan (PN 20403, $263). - Weiand's 6-71 kits are the ultimate statement of power and looks. With that done, JR custom-fitted the Hastings rings. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! Also, you might be better off running a larger blower and spinning it slower since this generates less heat. It’s akin to the law of diminishing returns. Order SB Chevy 383 Street Crate Engine with 6-71 Blower (650+ HP) at CNC-Motorsports. As you can see, the properly sized blower brings a lot more fun to the table for not a ton more cash. I was on the edge of detonation on the dyno. It featured a kicked-out sump for improved oil control and an integrated windage tray. This unit we are testing is a Weiand 177 Pro Street roots-style supercharger (PN 6530-1, $2,400). Stock about 60 hp, with a pipe power reeds etc you can make over 70hp depends on what you are ready to put into your bike. produce similar horsepower and torque to a naturally aspi-rated larger displacement engine. Speedmaster BBC BLOWER KIT 454-502 Chevy 6-71 Supercharger made by Speedmaster, for as low as $3,999.99. The Eastwood Chevy 350CI Blower Engine 500HP Complete is a hand assembled engine that boasts 500 horsepower and 494 lb/ft torque for amazing power. So the small 177 Weiand might be just the ticket for your 396, while that 454 or 502 might be better served by a 6-71, and even larger engines might require a monstrous 8-71 supercharger. If your car was getting 20 mpg before the blower that means you will be getting 19.4 mpg after the blower installation but with a 40 to 50% increase in horsepower. Big-Block Chevy Blower - 8-71! A true blast form the past. 2020 C8 Mid-Engine Corvette has fulfilled Duntov’s dream. New (never used), Brand-new 351W 671–8 71 blower intake manifold never used build went in a different direction Ignore 671–8 71 Detroit diesel, supercharger, blower, SBF, small block Ford,. With aftermarket components, it … I want to build a powerful and reliable street motor, and I'm What are the ratings and certificates for The Wonder Pets - 2006 Save the Nutcracker? Key players in our valvetrain are these COMP High Energy hydraulic roller lifters (PN 854S-16, $531). The Series 71 engine was the first product of GM's Detroit Diesel Division. 10 The heads were then secured using an ARP bolt kit (PN 135-3603, $108) and sealed with a Fel-Pro PermaTorque MLS gasket (PN 1071, $80 each). After producing 602 hp and 551 lb-ft … I had a 454 with a 174 B&M Blower that had 8.25:1. Original Shows, Motorsports and Live Events, Due to the EU’s Global Data Protection Regulation, our website is currently unavailable to visitors from most European countries. 1/2 an atmosphere), you will see around a 35-40% gain in horsepower and torque at your non The big block can handle more power than a small block. The more built or bigger inch the engine, the less “bang for the buck” it’s going to yield. The Dart block came with high-grade main cap bolts, which saved us a few bucks. These highly sought after superchargers have been unavailable for years. How much horse power does a stock 454 with a 671 blower make? 06 A broken timing chain can wreak havoc on an engine’s valvetrain, so we bought this double-roller COMP chain and gear set (PN 7110, $104). Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Given the low compression, we knew the power numbers wouldn’t be stellar, but we wanted some sort of baseline. 08 The fully assembled 308cc Dart Iron Eagle heads (PN 15100112, $890 each) feature big 2.250-inch intake and 1.880-inch exhaust valves along with thick port walls and enlarged water passages. - Day Five Build Recap, Week To Wicked: Will We Finish? 20 A few more pounds of overdriven boost and some 100-octane Rocket race gas netted us 782 hp at 6,500 rpm! You also need to make sure you properly size the supercharger to your mill. Duration numbers (at 0.50) came in at 236/244 with lift of 0.646-inch on a 110 LSA (PN 11-000-8, $297). They have a vertical bar and are perfect for dropping into blocks designed for flat tappets. The cam was a flat tappet with 255/256 @.050 621/579 All Rights Reserved. Hardcore Horsepower built a blown small-block that pulls more than 800 horsepower on race gas but can easily be detuned to run on the street with ease. Parts kits from $99 and polishing from $195,send us your clean core today OR call us and ask us to send you a Fed Ex label to help save you even more money. JR did a mild amount of porting to the cross-section and short turn radius. 01 As shipped, Dart blocks (PN 31263644, $2,544) are pretty clean, but they do require some TLC. Most of these guys that talk about 1,000 horsepower with a Roots supercharger aren’t … Get the best deals for 6-71 blower at eBay.com. This is where hot rodders often make mistakes. The big block has stronger main bearing webbing and uses larger main Weiand is proud to reintroduce them. 05 Now, if all we cared about was wowing you with big dyno numbers, we could have tossed in an insanely rowdy camshaft that would be a true pain to live with on the street, but we live in the real world where idle characteristics are nearly as important as how much peak power an engine puts out.