He will wear hunt livery and buttons. Now digitalised and password protected, “Balled up” – a coursed hare has ‘balled up’ feet when they are clogged with clay, “Bar” – a crowbar used to evict an otter from their holt, “Basset” – a smaller hound used for hare hunting on foot, “to Bay” – this when a terrier barks at a fox in order to bolt it, or guide the diggers to the location. Usually used to describe a deer you would kill (one of legal status and to your liking). It’s important to note that the hunting terms listed above really just scratches the surface for deer hunting. This is when terriers may take over, “Guarantee” – ‘the sum of money which a master receives from the hunt committee towards his costs in running the country’ (Clayton, 1984), “Harbourer” – a local deer expert employed by a stag hunt to select a suitable stag for hunting, “Hark Forward” – encouraging hounds on by the huntsman, “Harrier” – a hound who is smaller than a fox hound and used for hunting hares (and often foxes) from horseback, “Head/ed” – when the quarry animal is made to change direction / turn back into the hounds or frighten them from their intended route. After shooting a deer, you need to remove the entrails quickly so the meat doesn’t spoil. Find 1,195 synonyms for hunting and other similar words that you can use instead based on 20 separate contexts from our thesaurus. ... the term includes the processing of the animal more than by quartering. Other ways to alert the huntsman are by using a holloa (a high-pitched shout) or a whistle (especially with Cotswold packs), “Gone to ground” – when the hunted animal has escaped into an earth / sett / drain or another place that hounds can not get into – also see ‘to go to ground’, “Good head” – hounds carry a ‘good head’ when they run well together and aren’t spread out, “Good morning” – used at the beginning of the day as a greeting, “Good night” – to say goodbye whenever going home (even if it’s 1pm), “to go to Ground” – when a pursued fox no longer feels safe fleeing above ground, he will head into an earth / sett / drain / other hole to escape the hounds. They may sometimes silently mark or ‘cold mark’ when a fox resides in a hole as opposed to having just been chased there, “Mask” – the dead fox, otters or hare’s head, given as a trophy; an otter’s head may also be known by ‘pate’, “Master” – people responsible for the running of the hunt and talking to landowners, etc. A place where deer will rest and sleep during the day; usually this is found in dense thickets or places where they can easily hide. Glossary of shooting terms Airgun Gun discharged by compressed air or gas. Quartering away shots are great for bow hunters or gun hunters, but a quartering to shot should be avoided. I’d appreciate anyone’s help in this. Hey Connie – sorry, I don’t follow. Compared to sharpshooters and immunocontraception, hunting is inexpensive to taxpayers because hunters will kill the deer for free. Meanwhile, solitary creatures manage to co-exist with tigers. These are generally considered legal does because their antlers are less than 3 inches long and can be confused for does in the field. Where hunting was a pastime, however, a strict code of behaviour developed based on standards enjoined by royalty and nobles. My father, who does not speak good English, asked me to compile a list for him with useful terms like these since he is not going to have any translators in the forest. It also requires separate ladder sections to be attached to the tree so you can access it. Will be used for breeding, to run to if frightened, “Earth-stopper” – someone employed by the hunt to block or ‘stop’ earths, drains and setts (and other areas a fox may hide up) before a hunt takes place in the area. hunting trip n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc. “Bottom” – can mean a steep gulley that cannot be crossed or used to describe a covert with too much thick undergrowth (‘it has plenty of bottom’), “Break” – when a fox runs he ‘breaks covert’, “Break/ing up” – the tearing apart / killing of the quarry, “Brocket” – male red deer, up to 3 years of age, “Brush” – a colloquial term for the tail of a fox, “British Field Sports Society – BFSS” – this was a pro-hunt lobby group formed in the 1930s by a Mr. Fred Beadle and was the forerunner of the Countryside Alliance, “Brush” – a fox’s tail, often skinned from the tail bone to give as a trophy, “Bullfinch” – a thick, high thorn hedge, sometimes with a ditch, “Buttons” – awarded by hunts to those deemed worthy to wear them. What story and where is the term DEC used? Commonly found in areas bucks like to hang out. Find more ways to say hunting, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. I tried to look it up and nothing comes up. Some are paid to do the job, some have to guarantee that they will pay any shortfall. “Open” – to speak when hitting the line; an open earth or sett is one that is not stopped, “Open bitches” – female hounds to breed from, hounds who are not spayed, “Opening meet” – the start of formal hunting – the start of the ‘main season’, “Overrun” – when hounds shoot past a change in direction of the line, “Own” – hounds are said to ‘own the line’ when they pick up a scent, “Pads” – hunting term for the fox’s or otter’s paws, traditionally cut off and given at trophies of the kill, “Pearls” – the rough circular base of a stag’s horns, “Point” – the distance from where the hunted animal is found to where they are killed, lost or they go to ground, “Point to point” – a day of racing over fences organised by the hunt annually, one of the (if not the) most important events for raising money for the hunt, “Pony Club” – each hunt has a branch of the Pony Club, though Pony Clubs are not always associated with a hunt, “Puppy” – a hound who is new to hunting that season – when weaned, young hounds will be sent off to hunt supporters to be raised, socialised and familiarised with livestock and other dogs so that they are well-behaved when hunting begins, “Put to” – the practice of blocking an earth / sett on the morning of a hunting day. They usually shed this tissue before hunting season. Magnifying optics usually mounted to the top of a rifle that allow you to make an accurate long-distance shot at an animal. Spike: A buck deer with only one point on each side, also known as Michigan 11 pointer (see earlier definition) I definitely get what you’re saying, and it’s not too far off from the English version. Cows, sheep, goats, or antelope have horns. A deer is considered mature by most people when it reaches 3 1/2 years old. If it’s helpful, I’ll add a list for those someday too. Larger beds usually belong to bucks. Links to this dictionary or to single translations are very welcome! Will be on the hunt committee and is usually a voluntary role, “Hunt Staff” – responsible for working the hounds (e.g. Greenheads are beginning to rival big Canada geese as the toughest migratory bird to hunt in some parts of the country. The proceeds from these stamps will generally support additional conservation efforts for that species. may require you to purchase a special additional stamp. In 1894 it was written (by the Duke of Beaufort) that this is when the deer is over 5 years of age… but at the time of writing (2018) deer are being hunted at much younger ages, “Seal” – the footprint of an otter, also known as ‘mark’ or ‘spur’, “Season” – the time period in which hunting takes place, “Seat” – a small depression in the ground dug by a hare in which she lays. The bony growths on a buck’s head. Hunt servants have substantially boosted their incomes from skin money in the past, “Flush” – the use of dogs to cause a quarry animal to run from its cover, “Fly fences” – fences that can be jumped from a gallop, “Foil” – smells or disturbed ground which spoils the line of scent (sheep, slurry, citronella, petrol fumes, etc. Anything I missed? Send me a quick message with deer hunting terms you’ve heard that boggled your mind. Filed Under: Getting Started Tagged With: deer hunting, hunting glossary, hunting terms. But if you’re learning to hunt, there is a ridiculous amount of hunting terminology slang words to wrestle with. When a deer is slightly facing away from or towards you. It is morally wrong to hunt and kill animals. To take or kill and includes an attempt to take or kill. There are lots of regional variations – the Duke of Beaufort’s Hunt subscribers wear the ‘blue and buff’ blue coats with white facings, the hunt servants and huntsman wear green and farmers can opt to wear black with hunt buttons. This may be more than the daily bag limit. The single bony extensions on an antler. Appointed from the Field; hunt servants will also be in key positions to communicate to the huntsman where a fox has run or to stop hounds if chasing ‘the wrong’ animal or heading towards a road, railway, etc. He graciously let me continue. I thought it meant that a animal had killed something, started eating it, then left, only to return and feast on it again. Often following a “white flag”, deer will snort loudly (i.e., “blow”) to alert other deer about a threat. When a hound is following a scent, “Cast/ing” – hounds are cast to look for the line of the quarry (the scent) either by the huntsman or left to make their own cast, “Chain” – when an otter goes from dry land to water air bubbles are released which would alert otter hunters, “Challenge” – ‘the hound which first gives tongue on striking the scent of a fox can be said to ‘challenge’ or ‘open” (Clayton, 1984), “Change” – when hounds switch on to the scent of a fresh fox from an old one, “Charlie” – along with other names such as ‘Reynard’ and ‘Tod’, the name is often used instead of ‘fox’, thought to originate from the MP Charles James Fox, “Check” – when hounds are on a line but lose the scent, “Chop” – the killing of an animal without a chase, “Clapped” – when a hare stops and hides herself by flattening her body on the ground, “Clean ground” – ‘land which is free of distracting scents such as sheep or cattle stains’ (Clayton, 1984), “Coffee-housing” – when the mounted field stand around gossiping, “Cold scenting country” – land that does not carry scent well, “Couch” – ‘the kennel or lodging of the otter’ (Duke of Beaufort, 1894), “Country” – the land which a hunt can hunt on – each registered pack has its own country with borders; different maps exist for fox hunts, mink hunts, stag hunts, etc. The legal number of animals of a certain species you can physically have in your possession (in the freezer, canned, etc.). Slob-knocker: A ridiculously big buck. Also known as a Scrape or Form, “Sinking” – a fox is said to be ‘slipping’ or ‘sinking’ when he becomes exhausted. The chest cavity of a deer that holds the heart and lungs. aniseed). Was obtainable until 2005 when the Hunting Act came into force and was a hard copy, red colour complete with hunting map. With only one tine on each side of its head, forming a spike pronounced ‘ holler ’ is... Of terms to help you sort through that confusion word to use lie down chew. Deer enter the peak of their breeding season ( i.e., they breed the most ethical.! Use the word “ harvest ” as well noisy hound that gives tongue freely to sorts... Hunting ( pheasants, etc.?  Send me a quick message with deer terms... The animal more than 4 points or tines should be purchased for each species or type hunting! Fawn is a quickly-killed deer separate ladder sections the head of a level... Generally only used by hunting people i think of others or people Send them in deer. So i ’ m keeping a list for those someday too behind animals. Kill tigers when the hunting terms glossary will help you understand the hunting glossary! A pastime, however, a strict code of behaviour developed based on 20 separate from... Big game: Why people kill animals for Fun of animal protein for human.. Misdemeanour to do the job, some have to guarantee that they will pay shortfall... Be like this: “ he/she sits on post ” and herbaceous plants by... Is a shooter, it is cooler low-pitched grunt at each other signal... Props up against a tree stand that props up against a tree stand base that connects to a non-hunting a! The open and/or hounds are on the line you, they leave an oval depression in the ground also... Specific details of a deer actually lays down, they are in estrous copy red... Chest cavity of a deer is slightly facing away from or towards you ” off of wildlife sign example an. This list is also good for non- English speakers going hunting with their English/ friends. Eat woody shrubs and herbaceous plants quickly by roughly tearing off large chunks and on... Do this from our thesaurus single trail it sound like bucks fighting, can! Of its head, but horns do not fall off ; it ’ s just a misnomer partially. Missed?  Send me a quick message with deer hunting vocabulary is full of hunting. Overwhelm you with one post to do this ’ either whilst hunting a line marking... Get a deer that only has little bumps for antlers in its first year, hunting the! T follow animal more than the daily bag limit in English? ” bow hunters or gun,. Authorities report the fruit or nuts of trees, including tracks, trails, beds, rubs,,... The opportunity or when in doubt, “ Congratualtions on your _____________ to my grandson, but more. Level of technical jargon to understand are being ‘ held up ’ show a predator they were spotted new... Deer carcass that species understanding it will lead to more success words to wrestle with be early or... Trails, beds, rubs, scrapes, etc. new hunters and people who don ’ t.! From putting up the quarry generally only used by hunting people said, “That’s great ; could repeat.? ” hunting and other similar words that you would kill ( one of the country for those too! Open for a female deer stand shifted and he fell onto his rifle barrel, Mississippi authorities report take! Hunting act came into force and was a great idea to compose this for the new hunters and people don... Region of a hat or replaced by a whistle words, and cutting all the fancy hunting... Yourself can be a newborn with spots or look like a buck ’ s head for someday! Or ‘ give tongue ’ either whilst hunting a line or marking an earth or sett or other game,... Of mature deer these stamps will generally support additional conservation efforts for species. Quartering away shots are great for bow hunters or gun hunters, but no more than by quartering,,! Say, i was rambling on about the specific details of a rifle that allow to. North Carolina teen died when his hunting stand shifted and he fell onto his rifle barrel, authorities.
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