However, as recent polls suggest, … The church, known as the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland and considered the official Christian church in the country, apologized, saying: “The 2020 Assembly of the National Church regrets that the picture of Jesus in a Sunday school advertisement has hurt people. Hallgrímskirkja is a working church. Location: Kefas church located in Kópavogur at Fagraþingi 2a They hoped to not only be a part of a starting a church, but were prayerfully seeking to be a catalyst for a church planting movement in Iceland where Christ-exalting, Bible-Believing, Disciple-Making, Gospel-Preaching, healthy and multiplying churches would be planted in Iceland to reach the people living here. 17 were here. Viðeyjarkirkja is the second oldest church in Iceland but archaeological findings have proved the existence of another church before this one, likely built in 12th century. History. A Working Church. It was in this Cathedral that Icelandic independence was first officially endorsed by the Lutheran Church of Iceland. Upper Room Baptist Church serves the greater Reykjavik area. ... (Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland/Facebook) The Reykjavík Cathedral (Icelandic: Dómkirkjan í Reykjavík) is the seat of the Bishop of Iceland and mother church of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, as well as the parish church of the old city centre and environs. It was designed by a famous Danish architect named Georg David Anthon. The church was built from stone during from the year 1967 to the year 1774. The national church of Iceland has apologised for circulating a children's Sunday school ad that depicted Jesus Christ as transgender. As of last year, about 75 percent of Iceland's inhabitants were registered members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. It is a part of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Iceland, ELCI. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland is the national church of Iceland. The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) is a network of over 600 independent, evangelical churches mainly in the United Kingdom that preach an evangelical faith. The church is organised into 266 congregations around the country, serving under one bishop. It is a free and independent religious community with a membership at around 70 percent of the population. If you plan a ceremony in the church contact one of the pastors directly: Sigurður Árni Þórðarson, or Irma Sjöfn Óskarsdóttir, Mass in Icelandic is on Sunday mornings 11am and Wednesdays 12 o’clock. Iceland Expands Its Evangelical Ban To Include Anti-LGBT Methodists February 2, 2020 Andrew Hall Patheos Explore the world's faith through different perspectives on religion and spirituality! Registers Iceland has released new numbers on religious and philosophical affiliations in Iceland, showing some marked differences between figures from last December and this month.. As ever, the largest affiliation goes to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Iceland, also known as the national church, as 230,146 of Iceland’s 364,134 people are registered therein.